Members' Brags

Here are our members' brags about all their dogs' accomplishments.

October 2019

  • Marilou & Allen GarfinkleDancer went Best of Breed from the Bred By Class at the Del Valle KC show. She beat 54 Labs, including 12 Specials, for a 4 point major. (Oct 2019)
  • Phyllis GunhouseTickle got his CDX in three tries, with three 1st places and one HIT at the Del Valle KC show, with a great score of 199. On to Utility! (Oct 2019)
  • Darlene LundbergBaaron was Winners Dog, Best of Winners, Best Puppy and Best Owner Handled at the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Specialty, for a 5 point major. This was worth the trip to Colorado. (Oct 2019)
  • Debbie WanlinPosey earned her Rally Master 3 Title and Triple High Combined at the Vallejo DTC Trial. (Oct 2019)
  • Debbie WanlinSteph also did well at the Vallejo DTC Trial, placing 1st in both Master and Advanced with scores of 99 and 100, respectively. (Oct 2019)

September 2019

  • Debbie WanlinSteph earned her Dock Junior title on Sept 21 2019. (Sep 21, 2019)
  • Connie HolmTeemu ’s birthday is on Wednesday. He will be 5 years old. (Sep 11, 2019)
  • Nanette FranceschiniFaith earned her OTCH. (Sep 2019)
  • Carolyn MengesLacy (FC Bonnfel's Spirit Hunter in Red Lace V Lookingglass SWA SCE CGC) competed in the Scent Work Trial in Lodi. She earned 2nd place and her 3rd leg in Excellent Exterior so we can add a new title, SEE, behind her name. She also qualified for her 1st leg with a 3rd place in Excellent Buried. The judge exclaimed that Lacy was the 1st dog to pass both of those tests that day. (Sep 2019)
  • Carolyn MengesStella (Sausage Stables V Setser Kimber SL, SWN, CGC) competed in the Scent Work Trial in Lodi. She earned her 3rd leg in Advanced Container and a new title, SCA, to add behind her name. She also qualified for her 2nd leg in both Advanced Interior and Advanced Buried. (Sep 2019)
  • Lynne PriceMinyan passed her LOAL control exam. (Sep 2019)
  • Susan SolomonTot earned his Rally Novice title this past weekend. He did a hat trick, getting qualifying scores at all 3 trials held this weekend at Cal State. (Sep 2019)

August 2019

  • Phyllis GunhouseTickle got his CD at the Mensona KC show on August 23, 2019, where he got his 3rd Novice B leg with a score of 196.5 and 2nd place. (Aug 23, 2019)
  • Susan SolomonNiko earned his NACSW NW3-Elite title in Cambria, CA on August 4. (Aug 4, 2019)
  • Rebecca LogsdonDashiell celebrated his 9th birthday on August 3rd. (Aug 3, 2019)
  • Dawn BushongMiles has joined their family. He is a 10 week old English Shepherd. (Aug 2019)
  • Darlene LundbergBaaron was Best of Breed at Mensona for a 3 point major and Best of Breed at Grass Valley. (Aug 2019)
  • Darlene LundbergCharm was Best of Breed at Mensona for a 3 point major. (Aug 2019)
  • Debbie WanlinPosey earned the following Rally titles in July and August:
    • Del Monte DTC Trial: Earned her Rally Master 2 title and 8th Rally Triple Q (Scores: Master - 98, Excellent B - 98, and Advanced B 99)
    • Truckee Meadow DC Trial in Reno: Earned her RAE 2 Title and her 9th Rally Triple Q (Scores: Master - 88, Excellent B - 94, and Advanced B 94)
    • Monterey Bay DTC Trial: Earned her 10th Rally Triple Q (Scores: Master - 94, Excellent B - 97, and Advanced B 84)
    • Mensona: Earned her 11th, 12th and 13th Rally Triple Q
    (Aug 2019)
  • Debbie WanlinSteph earned the following Rally titles:
    • Mensona: Earned her 11th Rally Triple Q (Scores: Master - 97, Excellent B - 99, and Advanced B 98) and 12th Rally Triple Q (Scores: Master - 91, Excellent B - 90. Advanced B – 99)
    • Sierra Vista Labrador Retriever Club: Earned her 12th Rally Triple Q (Master - 96, Excellent B 99, Advanced B 99) and won High Combined ( 198/200) and High Triple Combined (194/300)
    • Gold Country: Earned her 13th Rally Triple Q (Scores: Master - 98, Excellent B - 99, and Advanced - 99), finishing 2nd in each class.
    • Steph also earned her Rally Master 2 Title and her RAE 2 Title.
    (Aug 2019)

July 2019

  • Laurie BerberianEvie passed her CGC test. (Jul 2019)
  • Steve BettcherBuddy got his Elite 1 title last weekend in Somis, California. (Jul 2019)
  • Phyllis GunhouseTickle made his Novice debut at the Del Monte KC show in Carmel on Friday, July 12th and got 1st place with a great score of 199! And, he wound up High in Trial! He got another Novice leg on Sunday with a much lower score of 192.5, but it was still good enough for another 1st place as well as ANOTHER High in Trial. So proud of my boy who is not yet 3 years old! (Jul 2019)

June 2019

  • Constance BarichRosie was the #3 Labrador Retriever in Rally Masters for 2018, according to Front & Finish. I’m so proud of my girl! (Jun 2019)
  • Darlene LundbergCharm just came back home. She got her WC (Working Certificate) on her first try. (Jun 2019)
  • Lynne PriceMinyan focused enough to pass the CGC test. (Jun 2019)
  • Susan SolomonTot got his Advanced Trick Dog and CGC titles on May 25th at Berkeley Humane Society. Mom is very proud of her little boy. (Jun 2019)
  • Debbie WanlinPosey got the High Triple in Rally at the Deep Peninsula trial, defeating the #1 Rally dog in the country. Posey’s scores were 95 in Masters (1st place), 89 in Excellent, and 99 in Advanced (3rd placed). (Jun 2019)

May 2019

  • Rebecca LogsdonDashiell finished his RAE title with Q’s at the National Sheltie Specialty in Albany in April and at the Northern California Sheltie Club Specialty and at both Gavilan KC shows in Morgan Hill in May. (May 2019)
  • Darlene LundbergBaaron , her new puppy, was introduced to the membership. Darlene picked up Baaron during a whirlwind trip to Italy. He is a grandson of Siera and he reminds Darlene a lot of his father (and Siera’s son), Charlie Brown, who lives in Italy. (May 2019)
  • Steve BettcherBuddy earned his Excellant Interior, Exterior and Container Titles. Two 1st places and a 3rd place. (May 2019)
  • Rita JensenPhoebe finished her UD Tile at Oakland and earned her first OTCH points. (May 2019)

April 2019

  • Debbie WanlinSteph earned her dock diving novice title April 13 in Sacramento. (Apr 13, 2019)
  • Mary BayleyFeargus got his Grand Championship at the Sacramento show. And he is now a daddy (to a singleton girl puppy)! (Apr 2019)
  • Mary BayleyJoy finished her Beginner Novice title at the Sacramento show. (Apr 2019)
  • Dee BogushTwig got his first Novice Barn Hunt leg. (Apr 2019)

March 2019

  • Marilou & Allen GarfinkleBobbye , their new black lab puppy, was introduced to the membership. She is 10 weeks old and is the daughter of Bianca. She is very cute! (Mar 2019)
  • Marilou & Allen GarfinkleBianca , besides being the mother of Bobby, is 5 points away from her grand championship. (Mar 2019)

February 2019

  • Marilou & Allen GarfinkleZiva took Best of Breed at the Santa Clara Valley KC show, over 1 special. (Feb 2019)
  • Phyllis GunhouseTickle got his RN title. He got a 197 and 1st place at Sacramento DTC, another 197 and 3rd place at Santa Clara DTC, and finished his title in Fresno with a 198 and 1st place. (Feb 2019)
  • Ernest & Julianne KnellMerywen qualified in Masters in Barn Hunt. She is working towards her RATCH title. (Feb 2019)
  • Ernest & Julianne KnellBriar Rose went to New York City to compete at Westminster, where she was Select Bitch. She is one of the top ten Welsh Springer Spaniels in the country. (Feb 2019)

January 2019

  • Constance BarichRosie earned AKC legs in Scent Work Containers Master (with a 4th place ribbon) and Scent Work Exterior Master on January 20th in Lancaster. Note: This was Constance and Rosie’s last hurrah in the USA. They have begun their new adventure as residents of Portugal. We will miss them. (Jan 2019)
  • Mary BayleyFeargus completed his Rally Excellent title at the Santa Clara DTC trial. (Jan 2019)
  • Dee BogushTwig finished his CDX title at the SunMaid show with a score of 199.5. He was even in the run-off for High in Trial. (Jan 2019)
  • Ernest & Julianne KnellBriar Rose was Select at the Southern California Sporting Dog Fanciers on 1/4/19, BOB at the Palm Springs show in Indio 1/5/19 and Select at the American Spaniel Club show in Knoxville 1/13/19. (Jan 2019)
  • Ernest & Julianne KnellClara Jo was BOW at the Southern California Sporting Dog Fanciers show 1/4/19 and took her class at the American Spaniel Club show 1/12 and 1/13. (Jan 2019)
  • Ernest & Julianne KnellMerywen took BOB at the Southern California Sporting Dog Fanciers show on 1/4/19. (Jan 2019)
  • Darlene LundbergCharm got Bred By, Best Puppy, and Reserve Best Puppy at the IABCA show. She got her first AKC conformation point at the Cow Palace. (Jan 2019)
  • Carolyn MengesStella , a 15 month old puppy, has competed in three field trials. At her first show, she qualified, at the second show she finished in 4th place, and at the third show she finished in first place and beat class dogs. She will be competing in her first scent work trial soon. (Jan 2019)
  • Carolyn MengesLacy competed at the championship level at the field trial and finished in 2nd place. (Jan 2019)
  • Carolyn MengesDreamer competed at the championship level at the field trial and finished in 4th place. (Jan 2019)
  • Debbie WanlinSteph completed her RAE title at the Santa Clara DTC trial. She did it in 10 straight shows. (Jan 2019)

November 2018

  • Constance BarichRosie completed her BCAT title. (Nov 2018)
  • Mary BayleyThor got 3 Triple Q’s in Rally at the Stockton Trials, including a score of 100, and completed his Rally Master title. All the judges fell in love with him and wanted to take him home! (Nov 2018)
  • Mary BayleyFeargus almost qualified in Graduate Novice at the Stockton show. (Nov 2018)
  • Steve BettcherBuddy completed his NW3 Elite title. (Nov 2018)
  • Nanette FranceschiniHope won High in Trial with a 200 at the ASCA show two weeks ago. At the recent AKC Trial, Hope won her Novice B class and got second in Rally Intermediate with a 99. (Nov 2018)
  • Nanette FranceschiniFaith won High in Trial with a 199 at the ASCA show. (Nov 2018)
  • Nanette FranceschiniDipper did well at the ASCA show, winning one of his classes and getting a couple of legs. At the AKC last Friday, Dipper got his first AKC beginner novice leg and got a second, and won his Rally novice class with a 100. (Nov 2018)
  • Debbie WanlinPosey completed one day at the Stockton Trials and got a Triple Q in Rally and a placement. (Nov 2018)
  • Debbie WanlinSteph competed at the Stockton Trials and got Triple Q’s in Rally all three days. Her highest score was a 99, with various placements. On Sunday, she got the High Triple Combined award. (Nov 2018)

October 2018

  • Mary BayleyThor earned his RAE title at Del Valle. He needs 3 more legs for his Rally Master title. Also, he competed in Team Rally with Constance Barich, Debbie Wanlin, and Geri Lopez. It was a Novice course. The Team finished in first place, with a perfect score of 400 (each dog got 100 points). (Oct 2018)
  • Dee BogushTwig got his first CDX leg at the Vallejo DTC Trial with a 195 and first place in Open A. (Oct 2018)
  • Ernest & Julianne KnellBriar Rose is now a Grand Champion. She also got her Rat Novice (RATN) in Barn Hunt. (Oct 2018)
  • Ernest & Julianne KnellMerywen finished her Rat Senior title, getting 4 rats three days in a row. (Oct 2018)
  • Lee PalsakKevin got his L1V (Level 1 Vehicles) Nose Work Elements title. (Oct 2018)
  • Susan SolomonTot was the smallest and fastest dog in AKC Scent Work at Del Valle. (Oct 2018)

September 2018

  • Constance BarichRosie finished her Rally Master 3 title, to finish her Rally career. She will do Team Rally at Del Valle with Mary Bayley, Debbie Wanlin, and Geri Lopez. Rosie also got 2nd place in Advanced Interiors at the Lodi Scent Work Trial. (Sep 2018)
  • Mary BayleyThor qualified in Rally Master, Excellent and Advanced at the Vallejo show, getting both the High Combined and the Rally Triple awards. (Sep 2018)
  • Manny FrancisFlynn will be competing in the North American Flyball Association (NAFA) finals in Indianapolis in October. His team is the "Pacific Pups". (Sep 2018)
  • Susan SolomonTot competed in his first NW1 Trial in Grant Pass, Oregon. He got the Harry Award "for outstanding rescue dog that demonstrates extraordinary ability and spirit in nose work". He also got 2nd place our of 45 dogs on interior building search and pronounced on his container and exterior searches. (Sep 2018)

August 2018

  • Constance BarichRosie finished her Rally Master 2 and she expects to finish her Rally Master 3 this weekend. At the Santa Clara DTC Scent Work Trial, Rose got her Novice Buried title on Saturday to finish her Novice Scent Work title, and got first place in Advanced Buried on Sunday. (Aug 2018)
  • Steve BettcherBuddy finished 3 element titles at Santa Clara DTC’s AKC Scent Work Trial. He qualified in 8 out of 8 elements, including buried hides, and placed second (3 times), third and fourth. The hides were in sand, which he had not practiced before, but Buddy did great. He needs one more leg for his Advanced Scent Work title. (Aug 2018)
  • Ellen FletcherDart placed 4th in Novice Buried and qualified in Novice Exterior at the Santa Clara DTC’s AKC Scent Work Trial on Saturday. On Sunday, he got his third legs in both Novice Buried and Novice Exterior, earning his SBN and SEN titles and getting his overall Novice Scent Work title for titling in all 4 novice odor elements. (Aug 2018)
  • Rita JensenFlash got his OTCH (Obedience Trial Champion title) at the Mensona KC Trial! (Aug 2018)
  • Debbie WanlinSteph has been busy! At the Santa Cruz KC/Mensona KC shows, she got a 195, 197 ½ and a 193 in Graduate Novice, finishing her GN title and getting first place all three days. Competing in Rally at the Sierra Vista shows in Grass Valley, she got three legs towards her RAE, including High Combined on Friday , with scores of 96 – 95. (Aug 2018)

July 2018

  • Marilou & Allen GarfinkleBryson was introduced to the membership by Allen. He is nephew to Connie’s Teemu. Bryson was co-bred by Allen and Marilou, who also own his grandmother. (Jul 2018)
  • Ernest & Julianne KnellClara Jo was introduced to the members by Julie. She was born February 21st and is their first homebred dog. (Jul 2018)
  • Brad BriscoeRaylan was Winner Dog at the Western Whippet Regional Canadian Specialty. (Jul 2018)
  • Brad BriscoeSuzie was Winner Bitch at the Western Whippet Regional Canadian Specialty, the same show as Raylan. (Jul 2018)
  • Ernest & Julianne KnellBriar Rose was Best of Breed both days in Portland and Group 4 in the Sporting Group the first day. She also got her CGC. (Jul 2018)
  • Ernest & Julianne KnellClara Jo was 4th in the Group in the 4 to 6 month Puppy Class in Portland. (Jul 2018)
  • Ernest & Julianne KnellMerywen got her CGCA and Novice Trick titles. (Jul 2018)
  • Rebecca LogsdonDashiell finished his Excellent Standard agility title. He is now working on his MACH. (Jul 2018)
  • Steven M. & Candy SternHarley got recertified for therapy work in Sacramento. (Jul 2018)
  • Debbie WanlinSteph earned her Therapy Dog Excellent title (THDX). (Jul 2018)
  • Celia ReynoldsDixie 's mom, Celia, is retiring on August 31st! (Jul 2018)

June 2018

  • Dawn BushongPenny earned her NW3 Elite title at 13 years old! It only took her four tries to get the three passes. (Jun 23, 2018)
  • Ellen FletcherDart earned his L1C title at the NACSW Element Speciality Trials in Grants Pass, OR on June 16, 2018 with what I considered ideal searching conditions for our team. Although we only needed a passing score of 75 for a second leg, Dart was efficient and gave me lovely indications on all 4 of our fun searches to earn a perfect score of 100 in a total time of just under 1 minute 11 seconds for our L1C title. I was pleasantly surprised that we placed 5th overall as I was not pushing for speed. It was one of those zen moment trials where everything was perfect with my doggie companion Dart. (Jun 16, 2018)
  • Debbie WanlinSteph earned her Rally Excellent Title at the Mt. Diablo DTC Rally Trial on June 10. (Jun 10, 2018)
  • Mary BayleyThor qualified in Masters, Excellent and Advanced Rally at the Deep Peninsula Trial. (Jun 2018)
  • Steve BettcherBuddy got his L2I title at the Santa Rosa NACSW Nosework Trial. (Jun 2018)
  • Ernest & Julianne KnellBriar Rose Rose finished her championship going Reserve Winners Bitch at the Welsh Springer Specialty. (Jun 2018)
  • Lee PalsakGoldie got her L1C and L2I titles at the Santa Rosa NACSW Nosework Trial. (Jun 2018)

May 2018

  • Constance BarichRosie finished her Rally Master title at the Butte County KC trial (beating Posey by a day) and is already halfway through her second Rally Master title. She consistently gets scores in the high 90’s. Rosie finished her Trick Dog Performer title. In AKC Scent Work, she got her titles for interiors, exteriors, and containers and was High in Trial at the Davis trial. (May 2018)
  • Mary BayleyFeargus earned his Rally Advanced title in Placerville. He also got a 5 point major at the Griffon Regional Specialty in Placerville, giving him his 3rd major towards his Grand Champion title. (May 2018)
  • Mary BayleyThor earned 3 more legs towards his RAE title in Placerville. (May 2018)
  • Dee BogushTwig got his first agility titles, Novice Standard and Novice JWW, with first places each time. (May 2018)
  • Nanette FranceschiniFaith got her WTCH title (Working Trial Champion – ASCA). She had to get legs in Started, Open and Advanced on all three livestock – sheep, ducks, and cattle. She also got first in Open B and High in Trial at the ASCA Obedience Trial on Memorial Day weekend. (May 2018)