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Titles Earned:
  • L1C
  • NW1
  • SCN
  • SIN
Shetland Sheepdog
Ellen Fletcher
Notes & Brags:
  • Jun 16, 2018: Dart earned his L1C title at the NACSW Element Speciality Trials in Grants Pass, OR on June 16, 2018 with what I considered ideal searching conditions for our team. Although we only needed a passing score of 75 for a second leg, Dart was efficient and gave me lovely indications on all 4 of our fun searches to earn a perfect score of 100 in a total time of just under 1 minute 11 seconds for our L1C title. I was pleasantly surprised that we placed 5th overall as I was not pushing for speed. It was one of those zen moment trials where everything was perfect with my doggie companion Dart.
  • Mar 2018: Dart finished his SIN (Scentwork Interior Novice) title at the San Joaquin DTC Scentwork Trial.
  • Jan 2018: Dart competed in the AKC Scent Work Trials in Ferndale, where he picked up a lot of ribbons. There were 3 Novice Trials and One Advanced Trial over 2 days. Dart finished his Novice Title in Containers (SCN) and got his first leg towards his Advanced Containers Title. He also earned 2 legs towards his Novice Interior title.
  • May 2017: Dart got his NW1 title at the Corvallis Nosework trial on May 6th. At the Elements Trial in Livermore on May 27th & 28th, he got legs towards his L1I and L1C titles.