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Titles Earned:
  • ELT1
  • NW1
  • NW2
  • NW3
  • NW3 Elite
  • NW3-C
  • NW3-E
  • NW3-I
  • NW3-V
Labrador Retriever
Lynn Sumida
Notes & Brags:
  • May 2018: Sierra was second in search 3, first in search 2, and third overall at the Meadow Vista Elite NACSW trial.
  • Oct 2017: Sierra finished 3rd overall at the NACSW Invitational in Massachusetts (out of 46 teams). They were 2nd in the food court search; 3rd in the Stroh pillars search; 4th in the horse ring search; 6th in the Coliseum search; 9th in the C Barn search.
  • Mar 2016: Sierra got her ELT1 at the Elite Division Nosework Trial in Oregon. She was 7th overall, and 6th in two of the four searches.
  • Apr 2015: Sierra was High in Trial and completed her NW3 Elite title at the San Luis Obispo Nose Work Trial. She was first place in Interiors, Containers, and Vehicles and third place in Exteriors.
  • Dec 2014: Sierra got her NW3 title. She placed 2nd overall (Reserve High in Trial), 1st place in Interiors and 2nd place in Vehicles.
  • Feb 2014: Sierra won Interiors and got her NW3-C and NW3-I titles at the NW3 Nose Work Trial in Guerneville.
  • Aug 2013: Sierra finished her NW3 title with a “Pronounced” and was High in Trial at the Nipomo Trail. She also finished her NW3-V (Vehicles) and NW3-E (Exteriors) titles. She got 8 rosettes at the trial and the “hides of the day” (a container with all the scented q-tips hidden for the trial). NW3 is very difficult—many trials have no qualifiers at all.
  • Jun 2013: Sierra was 2nd in Vehicles, 2nd in Interior and 4th in Exterior at the Nose Work Trial in Duarte.
  • Feb 15, 2013: Sierra was 4th overall at the Guerneville NW3 trials over President’s Day weekend.
  • Jul 2012: Sierra was High in Trial, 2nd in Interiors and 3rd in Vehicles at the Salinas NW2 Trials.