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Titles Earned:
  • CD
  • CDX
  • RA
  • RaTChX
  • RE
  • RN
  • UD
Russell Terrier
Mary Bayley
Notes & Brags:
  • Feb 2017: Journey celebrates her birthday on February 14th.
  • Apr 2015: Journey got her first RAE leg at the Chief Solano KC show.
  • Mar 2015: Journey earned her RaTChX title! To achieve this honor, she had to find 25 rats.
  • Feb 2015: Journey finished her Rally Excellent title with a first place at the Santa Clara Valley KC Show.
  • Aug 2014: Journey got a Senior leg at the Carson City Barnhunt Trial.
  • Jul 2014: Journey had a busy weekend competing in 3-day Barn Hunt Trial in (very hot) Hollister, earning her 2nd leg towards her Open Barnhunt title.
  • Jan 2014: Journey finished her UD title at the Santa Clara Trial. She was the only qualifier.
  • Dec 2013: Journey got a first place in novice in Barn Hunt. It was the first Barn Hunt competition for Mary and Journey and they both had a great time.
  • Nov 2013: Journey got her 2nd UD leg and a 2nd place at the Sacramento Dog Fanciersí Show.
  • Jun 2013: Journey got first place in Rally Excellent at the at the Great Western Terrier Show. Mary had a wonderful time and even got to stay on the Queen Mary!
  • May 5, 2013: Journey got her first leg in Utility A with a 2nd place at the Mission Trail Poodle Clubís Obedience Trial.
  • Feb 14, 2013: Journey turns 6 on Valentineís Day. Also, although she didnít qualify, she made a good impression competing in Open at the Cow Palace.